Education at Studio Red

At Studio Red, we believe education is absolutely necessary to our success in our industry. Education not only provides us with the latest trends and techniques, but it also serves as an inspirational outlet for stylists to create and share their work with others. We are continually striving to obtain the most out of every class, DVD, website, and blog. Our hope is we could pass this on to our clients through our work.

We recently had Corrinn, a stylist and educator from ARROJO, NYC, join us for a day of education. We started out with a product knowledge portion, learning how we can make the most out of each product as well as how to teach our clients how to use each product. Following, we learned two haircuts, taking each segment step-by-step. We finished by going over retail success.
We had a great time learning from and with Corrinn, and look forward to hosting more education classes in the future!

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